• Wordpress Design and Development

    WordPress Website

    I use WordPress almost exclusively because of its flexibility and scalability.

    • Estimated Hours

      20 - 60

    • Price Range

      $1,000 - $3,000

  • Shopping Cart Enabled Websites


    We use a powerful shopping cart platform that is easy to use and very scalable.

    • Estimated Hours

      20 - 100

    • Price Range

      $1,500 - $5,000

  • Website Makeovers

    Website to WordPress

    We convert tired, old websites into beautiful fresh responsive WordPress sites.

    • Estimated Hours

      8 - 50

    • Price Range

      $400 - $2,500


My perfect client is …

A small business with an idea of what they want to accomplish. Our specialty is to make that idea a reality on the web. Our websites are unique, not cookie cutter or run of the mill. We help our clients look their best on the web by providing them a site that meets or exceeds their expectations at a price they can afford. We work hard for small businesses.

You should hire me because …

I will make your business success my priority and take your ideas to the next level. I will make sure that you are satisfied with the result. I take ownership of the result and am not happy until you are. I am not hung up on designer ego that prevents me from hearing my client's ideas over my own. I work to make the design reflect the client's ideas best.

Hire Me

Mike McClellan
  • Biography

    I've been working in computer support since 1985 & have been designing websites since 2008. I focus on designing attractive & effective websites to accomplish our client's goals!

  • Company

    Dynamic Web Shop

  • Location

    Cottonwood, United States

  • Last active

    Oct 2023

  • Member since

    Feb 2015

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