Aces Janitorial Services came to me to help them get their web presence more in line with their business model. They wanted an impressive site that would entice potential clients to hire them to service their building's cleaning needs. I created this site that showcases their work and gives a great overview of the company's many services.




In order to properly and easily showcase the many company services offered by Aces, I used tabs on the services page. This allowed the display of small, digestible chunks of information that does not overwhelm a user nor force them so scroll long pages of details when looking for the pertinent information they need to make a decision.

Aces wanted to highlight the fact that they used "Green" cleaning supplies, so there are several places on the site that highlight this feature. This is one of the slides on the About Us page and there is more on the home page as well. They felt it an important responsibility to help save the planet in every way that they could. We helped them share that.

They also wanted a blog where they could showcase the types of properties they clean. I created a beautiful blog that allows them to post photos of properties and entice potential clients to contact them.

Aces wanted to have a way for potential clients to easily contact them for a quote on having their building cleaned. I created a form to their specifications that lists the types of services available and allows the prospect to easily provide all the information needed to give an accurate quote for cleaning.

Mike McClellan

Mike McClellan



I was the project lead on this site and created the layout, site design and formatted the information received from the client regarding their services, and company information.


Wordpress Design and Development


  • Photoshop
  • Web Design
  • WordPress Maintenance
  • Front-End
  • CSS
  • WordPress
  • Web Development
  • Responsive Design
  • Graphic


1 - 2 weeks



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