I created the Earthwalkers.biz site several years ago, so when they decided to open a wholesale division, they naturly came to me. They wanted a site that could display all the footwear and accessory products they offer, but only display the confidential wholesale prices to the actual retail dealers. Using WordPress and WooCommerce, I built a shopping cart ecommerce site for them. I hid the product prices and the special products page that displays both the suggested retail and wholesale prices for anyone not logged in. Regular retail customers can browse the whole site and see all the product details except the hidden info above. They can also locate the nearest retail store to them using the store locator page. It automatically identified the customer's location by their IP address and calculates which store is closest to them and displays a list in order of miles away from them. It also "Bounces" the store locator icon on the map when the mouse is hovered over the store listing on the left side. this makes it much easier to pinpoint the actual marker. The client required that the background be leather, which presented some challenges with making sure that the text remained visible and easy to read. The solution was to place a semi transparent layer between the background and the text, making the text more visible and readable over the colors of the leather.



Apparel & Accessories

The products page displays the products just as in any other WooCommerce shopping cart with the exception of the prices. Only the product name is displayed.

When a product is selected, everything looks and works like a regular shopping cart with the exception of seeing the prices and being able to add the product to the cart. Those features are only available to wholesale users. The sizes are visible,etc.

The multi-purpose contact form adjusts the fields displayed depending upon the subject selected. For just a question, it displays the basic info. For an appointment, a time and date field are displayed as well. For a request for a dealer packet, the company address and website fields are added.

The footer widget changes depending on whether or not the user is logged in. When not logged in, it offers a login screen. After logging in though, it offers the ability to manage go to the dashboard, edit their profile or log out.

Mike McClellan

Mike McClellan



I was the lead on this project and handled all the design and operational details, such as the plugins selected, etc


  • WooCommerce
  • Photoshop
  • Web Design
  • WordPress Maintenance
  • Front-End
  • CSS
  • WordPress
  • Web Development
  • Responsive Design


2 - 4 weeks



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