Joe Boudre of Sotheby's International Realty contacted me to have a website built that would showcase his listings, provide potential clients a way to search for homes on the market and give him an impressive presence on the web. We connected his site to the Santa Barbara MLS listing service, which updates his site hourly with the latest changes in listings. It adds new listings and removes properties that have been sold. One of the key features of the way I set it up is that each property listing created has a corresponding entry in the sitemap, which lets Google and other search engines add that listing as a searchable entry in the Google database. That allows potential clients to do a search by property address and have the listed property be found on his site. This gives him much more exposure than solutions that only iframe a search page into the website.



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This page displays the search form. It is java enabled so that when a search parameter is modified, the results are automatically adjusted without having to reload the page. This makes for a much nicer user experience.

When the user clicks on a listing from the results page, they are shown the property details of that listing. This contains the information they need to evaluate that property for purchase. They can add it to their "Favorites" list and be notified of any changes by email. They can also save a search and be notified of new listings matching their criteria.

When a user clicks on the "Ask a Question" button on the details page, they are presented with a contact form to submit their question directly to my client. This works on any listing in the MLS, whether he is the listing broker or not. This keeps the user captive to my client's site so that he can become acquainted with them and assist them in their search.

The "Featured Listing" page restricts the MLS listings to display ONLY the properties listed by my client's office. These listings are more lucrative to my client because the listing fee isn't shared with another broker. This page displays a slideshow of the property's listing photos along with more search criteria listed below that can narrow the search.

Mike McClellan

Mike McClellan



I am the lead designer for this project and handled all the site design and integration with the MLS services. I created the various search pages that have certain "preset" parameters going into that page. These can also be modified by a user to suit their own needs and narrow the search accordingly.


  • Photoshop
  • Web Design
  • WordPress Maintenance
  • Front-End
  • CSS
  • WordPress
  • Web Development
  • Responsive Design
  • Graphic


1 - 2 weeks



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