• Website Speed Optimization

    Speed Optimization

    • Estimated Hours

      10 - 24

    • Price Range

      $500 - $1,000

  • Migration - WordPress Speed Up

    Speed Optimization

    • Estimated Hours

      10 - 30

    • Price Range

      $400 - $1,000

  • Google Page Speed Optimization

    Speed Optimization

    • Estimated Hours

      10 - 24

    • Price Range

      $500 - $1,000


My perfect client is …

a business owner who wants to optimize the loading time of his website as much as possible.

You should hire me because …

you can have peace of mind that the loading time of your website will be optimized drastically. I always go the extra mile for my clients. I have optimized more than 594 websites the last 7 years.



Stavros was very responsive. In fact, of any designer/developer I've ever worked with, he was the most responsive and quick to reply to e-mails. He did a great job in optimizing the website by reducing the download speed. And he did so in a day or two; I was very surprised he could do it so fast. Great job!

Ryan Parker

We have used Stavros for various speed optimization tasks on our clients hotel websites and found he was always very prompt and his work to a good standard. Recommended.


Stavros is a true professional that partners with his clients to determine the best way to solve any issues related to your website.

Great communication. Easy to deal with. Prompt in delivery.

He is now my go-to resource for anything related to improving the performance and/or usability of my websites.

Highly recommended.

Ivan Juric

Before we hired Stavros, our WP website had noticeably slow load times which was a major concern to us.

His process is very simple. He asked a few questions, analyzed our website, told us what he needed and he then he got started.

In the end, the work that Stavros did for us made a huge impact on the speed of our website. He also provided before and after benchmarks for the work he did which was great. Lastly, he was able to point out some key suggestions to help us maintain a good website speed going forward.

Highly recommended!

Christopher Koulouris

I highly recommend Stavros, he is by far one of the most passionate, intelligent and dedicated developers, coders I have worked with during my 9 years running my own web platform. Expect to find a problem solver, abstract thinker, someone who (for a change) really does understand SEO and how that integrates with the optimization of any website- highly recommended.

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Stavros Papadakis
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    Optimizing the loading time of your website is my passion.

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    Athens, Greece

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    Sep 2020

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    Sep 2014

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