• Killer landing page

    Landing Page

    Design, implementation and tracking for your high converting landing page.

    • Estimated Hours

      20 - 80

    • Price Range

      $2,000 - $5,000

  • Web Application design and development

    Web App Development

    Turn your product idea into a fast, reliable and beautiful web application.

    • Estimated Hours

      200 - 400

    • Price Range

      $6,000 - $20,000


My perfect client is …

A forward thinker. Strives for quality and wants to build usable and profitable products. Knows that communication is key and is looking for an expert to help not only build but also validate and put out into the world his digital product.

You should hire me because …

Because I'm a problem solver and deep thinker mind. I take inspiration from the best and bring innovative solutions to the table. I get excited when things get difficult and problems get hairy. I will put all myself and my experience into your next great project!

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Alessio Santo
  • Biography

    My career started at the age of 16 experimenting on photoshop and tweaking open source code. I build fast, robust and beautiful web applications.

  • Location

    Milan, Italy

  • Last active

    Sep 2017

  • Member since

    Sep 2015

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