This is a project in collaboration with a top expert in UX design at IDEO NY. It's a landing page + iOS prototypes to make glucose tracking crazy simple and fun. It's not out yet on the app store so I can only show a little bit of how it looks like. The project involved complex challenges like computer vision, HIPAA compliance for data security, APIs and all that hard core stuff that excites us developers.



Health & Wellness

The whole page tells a big story and explains what this project is about. With live videos of the prototype, the story comes to live and it feels like touching it.

Alessio Santo

Alessio Santo



I developed iOS and HTML/Javascript prototypes for computer vision - to digitalize a glucose reading in real time - learning algorithms to make things seem more intelligent and an interactive prototype - to show people how the product will act like. I involved as backend & frontend dev and was in constant tele-communication with the design team in NY.


  • Bootstrap
  • Responsive Design
  • JavaScript
  • Web Development
  • Front-End


2 - 4 weeks



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