Great health tech startup in Italy. It's a simple to use but structurally complex platform for online health content and health services. It connects patients and doctors allowing online booking, video consultations and more. It's mainly written in Ruby on Rails and heavily javascript oriented. It's a great example of a complex product that solves real problem. Pazienti.it has been sold in 2015 to a big health player in Italy called SAPIO. I am proud of this project as it has grown a lot and has an exciting road ahead.



Health & Wellness

A totally customised online shopping experience focused on health services and video consultations. You could by a wellness check for example or directly have a chat with a specialist cardiologist right from your mobile device or computer without leaving the comfort of your home.

Detail of a video consultation available on the site. This layout won over three others converting 60% more. I am proud of this layout since it still works pretty well.

The experience of a video consultation with a doctor was just amazing. What you see here is the patient's view. It has just what's needed: a chat and the video. On the other side, the doctor has everything she needs to evaluate the patient's case.

Powerful backend application to manage the everything on the website. Multiple accesses, metrics, graphs, CRM, CMS all built-in.

Alessio Santo

Alessio Santo



My mission was to deliver the best experience possible to our users. I worked closely with our design team doing lots of UX research and design. I grew/led a strong development team and together we built the infrastructure that handles all the complicated stuff and the front-end our users loved! I left the team in 2015 to build a company myself.


  • JavaScript
  • Web Development
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Web Design
  • Back-End
  • Front-End
  • User Experience
  • Web App
  • Responsive Design
  • Bootstrap
  • AngularJS
  • Online Store

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