• WordPress Design and Development

    Web Design

    Web design for industrial client.

    • Estimated Hours

      15 - 20

    • Price Range

      $1,200 - $1,800

  • Brochure Design

    Brochure & Collateral Design

    Brochure design for Automotive News highlighting Autonews.com website.

    • Estimated Hours

      20 - 30

    • Price Range

      $1,200 - $2,000

  • Logo Design

    Brand Identity

    New branding for Randall Industries.

    • Estimated Hours

      10 - 20

    • Price Range

      $650 - $950


My perfect client is …

A client who needs a new look, new concept, or something different for their business. I know that through clear communication, creativity and a set process, together we can work to develop custom and creative solutions to best fit your needs.

You should hire me because …

I don’t just work for my clients, I try to become part of your team. I will learn what you do, who you are, what your business stands for. By listening and learning constantly, I’ll provide expertise and brand-enhancing initiatives that will result in compelling designs and solutions.


Kathy Lightbody

You know how sometimes you just need someone to figure it out? To make the words fit, and tweak them if necessary? To understand what you're trying to accomplish, and know how to make your vision a reality? Now imagine that they're also fast, efficient, right-priced and generally pleasant to deal with. You guessed it.....that's my experience in working with Don Mazurkiewicz. I recommend him highly :)

Lou Delone

Publishers and sales reps struggle to find affordable, talented, freelance art direction. Don Mazurkiewicz is the exception. I have worked with Don since 1993 across multiple markets. I owe a big part of my publishing success to Don. He turns around dynamic spec ads and entire campaigns quickly and efficiently. I have sold multiple local print campaigns totally well over $100K based on Don's Creative. The only hesitation I have to posting this testimonial is now other pubs are going to find out how great he is going to get too busy for me. Maybe I should not be doing this.
Spec ads are the secret to selling print advertising and there is no better freelance designer than Don Mazurkewicz.

David Reich

Every time we had a "Marketing project" we instantly understood it would take twice the time we estimated and the result would be half of what we expected. Ultimately, the output from these projects were spotty at best. We worked on them internally and in some cases we hired out other projects. Either way, the results were inconsistent. Then we met Don!

Don was available and willing to actively listen to our requirements. His skills included clarifying each detail and prototyping in a iterative way until we had the perfect piece! Don cut down delivery time by 50% - 80% over our previous approaches. When there were questions or small changes, Don was very responsive and easy to work with. Typically, Don responded with, "Yep, I see that, good point" or "no problem, before we make the change, here was my thinking about why I did that". Again, the ability to listen and deliver while actively giving recommendations was much appreciated!

Don continues to be are go to solution for our new marketing material projects. We look forward to future projects. Who knew building marketing materials could be this easy? Thanks Don!

Megan Semeraz

Our organization has worked with Donald Mazurkiewicz for many years now. We come back to him time and time again because he is very easy and professional to work with, understands our marketing needs and goals and has outstanding designs. This project was brand new and Don handled it with easy — providing us quality graphics. His turnaround time is always amazing and makes any necessary content changes quickly. For this particular project, we had several of content changes on our end. Don was very patient, kind and timely as we worked through the process. We ultimately sent these as a significant mailing for health care professionals across the state. We appreciate Don for all of his hard work on this project and many, many others.

Margo Rentz

I have been working with Don for a few years and it has been great. He always gets right back to me with my request. The speed and quality of his service is awesome. I appreciate his attention to detail and creative approach to my ads.

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    I have managed accounts and projects of all sizes for more than 30 years with an emphasis in print and digital design, creating pieces for a wide range of brands.

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    Fine Point Design

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    St. Clair Shores, United States

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    Dec 2020

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    Sep 2018

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