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Client Testimonial

David Reich

Every time we had a "Marketing project" we instantly understood it would take twice the time we estimated and the result would be half of what we expected. Ultimately, the output from these projects were spotty at best. We worked on them internally and in some cases we hired out other projects. Either way, the results were inconsistent. Then we met Don!

Don was available and willing to actively listen to our requirements. His skills included clarifying each detail and prototyping in a iterative way until we had the perfect piece! Don cut down delivery time by 50% - 80% over our previous approaches. When there were questions or small changes, Don was very responsive and easy to work with. Typically, Don responded with, "Yep, I see that, good point" or "no problem, before we make the change, here was my thinking about why I did that". Again, the ability to listen and deliver while actively giving recommendations was much appreciated!

Don continues to be are go to solution for our new marketing material projects. We look forward to future projects. Who knew building marketing materials could be this easy? Thanks Don!


Create bold and graphic look highlighting capabilities.


  • Print Design
  • Brochure
  • Brand Identity
  • Creative Direction


3 - 7 days



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