The wine stroll through the Houston Design Center print pieces were created to highlight the family of showrooms at the one location. These pieces were designed to showcase the luxury design facility and its amenities. This piece was a magazine insert in Modern Luxury's Houston Magazine.



Companion brochure highlighting all Design Center participants.

Postcard size invite to the event.

Client Testimonial

Lou Delone

Publishers and sales reps struggle to find affordable, talented, freelance art direction. Don Mazurkiewicz is the exception. I have worked with Don since 1993 across multiple markets. I owe a big part of my publishing success to Don. He turns around dynamic spec ads and entire campaigns quickly and efficiently. I have sold multiple local print campaigns totally well over $100K based on Don's Creative. The only hesitation I have to posting this testimonial is now other pubs are going to find out how great he is going to get too busy for me. Maybe I should not be doing this.
Spec ads are the secret to selling print advertising and there is no better freelance designer than Don Mazurkewicz.


The layout for all pieces were created for the wine stroll event. Images were edited together, and the layout was developed to help showcase both the size and functionality of the luxury facility. Print production was included in this project.


Brochure Design


  • Print Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Brand Identity
  • Brochure


3 - 7 days

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