• HTML and CSS

    Web Design

    I have spent many years studying CSS and HTML to stay ahead of the game

    • Estimated Hours

      30 - 300

    • Price Range

      $1,000 - $30,000


My perfect client is …

A perfect client is one who collaborates with me throughout the project on what they want their message to be on the web and trusts my expertise in the field to get them the most value for their money.

You should hire me because …

I enjoy helping small businesses and organizations claim their space on the web. The most rewarding thing for me is when a client thanks me at the end of the project for helping them get their message out to a larger audience.

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Dustin Kraus
  • Biography

    I am a web developer/designer who understands the nuts and bolts about getting an organization's message on the web.

  • Company

    Nine 1 Nine Design, LLC

  • Location

    Delaware, United States

  • Last active

    Sep 2018

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    Dec 2014

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