This project is for a land conservation group that is "Dedicated to the conservation and stewardship of our land and water as sustainable natural resources that are an asset and a legacy for our community" in Appalachia Ohio.


Custom PHP form (shopping cart style) used to collect information for Holiday card orders. Using Javascript, the form allows recipients to add a field for each person they would like a card sent to.

Dustin Kraus

Dustin Kraus



Due to an error by a member of the group, the site had lost it's original site I had designed for them and we needed to get site up quick, as they were starting their membership drive. To get the site up quick we started with a template that the organization had purchased and changed it around to fit the organization. The site was back to 75% within 1 week and was able to start taking memberships through the custom form I had built. I have created a couple of shopping cart type registrations for various events and fundraisers that they have using PHP and processing the payment through their payment gateway. I continually make updates to this site as the organization does not have someone on staff who can make the updates.


  • Online Store
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • WordPress
  • HTML





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