• Creative Branding

    Brand Identity

    You've built your business...I can help you build your brand.

    • Estimated Hours

      10 - 50

    • Price Range

      $500 - $2,000

  • Website Design and Development

    Web Design

    Creating a digital presence for innovative individuals or companies.

    • Estimated Hours

      30 - 150

    • Price Range

      $750 - $9,000

  • Digital Marketing

    Search Engine Optimization

    Giving cutting edge products and services the attention they deserve.

    • Estimated Hours

      10 - 40

    • Price Range

      $500 - $4,000


My perfect client is …

I like to partner with fierce individuals. People with innovative companies on the leading edge of creation. I want to help people share their unique gifts with the world. With that being said, in order to find a purpose when helping someone create their online footprint, I need the client to be a visionary. Someone who excepts nothing less than excellence.

You should hire me because …

-No person on the entire planet is more qualified -I consistently over deliver -I create and foster relationships 24/7 -I really just want to WIN. I don't care who gets the credit -I believe most people have good in them, and that being patient and understanding brings it out -I make fewer mistakes because I understand people. This saves time and $$$$


Frank Musa

John built my website and has been doing SEO for me as well. Everything went smoothly, he delivered as promised and I've noticed my rankings increase since he started SEO. He does excellent work.

David Helms

My site had to be redesigned after 10 years in business. The new site has a considerable amount of customization and it was handled well. John is knowledgeable in what he does and has been an asset in my company's growth thus far.

Chad Dollarhide

Working with John was a pleasurable experience. He is affable, available and able. I appreciate his continual hard work and would highly recommend him.

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John Newton
  • Biography

    Lets face it, no one is good at everything. Most people are at least really good at one thing though. My one thing....I am a craftsman that makes digital marketing an art form.

  • Company

    Sugar Systems

  • Location

    United States

  • Last active

    Dec 2022

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    Nov 2017

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