My perfect client is …

Someone who cares about their users and customers, offers helpful feedback throughout the process, and allows me to be creative, but isn't afraid to voice her or his opinion.

You should hire me because …

I'm not just a coder - I'm a Strategic Marketer, a Designer and a Developer - and I bring these 3 skillsets and experience into every project I do. Because of that, I'm relentlessly focused on driving results. Every line of code, every piece of copy, every pretty graphic needs to both help the user AND at the same time accomplish your business goals.


Reed Rawhouser

Before we hired Stephen we worked with a part time freelancer. It was a disaster. We were desperate to get a website up for BlueLine Labs.

Then we contacted Stephen. He came in and talked to us the next day. He walked us through his process, learned about our company, and gave us the info we needed to get things going.

He finished the site fast and on budget. The site looked great, functioned perfectly, and was easy for us to edit ourselves. I highly recommend Stephen.

De Lisa Patterson

I love working with Stephen! I've been telling all of my business friends about him. I knew he was a winner from the start when he asked me questions about the purpose and functions of my blog. To me, that matters a lot because most designer/developer don't ask the question first and then later they have to make the most changes. Stephen went the extra mile to send me a setup video so I could post and understand how to work the blog myself. I can't wait to work with him on my next project. Thank you again, Stephen, for being an amazing person. Also, he is very patient with me which I appreciate because I have a crazy business schedule and to have someone not rush nor get frustrated is a plus. Seriously you are going to want to work with him over and over again.

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Stephen Karpeles
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    I'm a front end developer & designer with 11+ years experience in designing, building and optimizing websites - for both B2B and B2C clients all over the world.

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    Chicago, United States

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