• Genesis Design and Development

    WordPress Themes

    Custom web development using Genesis Framework using a 3rd party or custom theme

    • Estimated Hours

      30 - 40

    • Price Range

      $1,000 - $4,000

  • Woocommerce Development


    Custom web design using the Genesis Framework and Woocommerce

    • Estimated Hours

      60 - 80

    • Price Range

      $3,000 - $5,000

  • Church Web Design

    WordPress Website

    Custom web design and development for specifically for churches.

    • Estimated Hours

      20 - 60

    • Price Range

      $800 - $3,000


My perfect client is …

Any size business that needs a new website or a redesign of their current website. From a simple blog site to a full e-commerce or business and marketing website, I can handle any job.

You should hire me because …

I have a spirit of excellence in everything I do. I prefer to do things the right way rather than cut corners just to get a job done. It's important for me to get to know my clients so that I understand completely what you want your website to look like. Whatever you can imagine, we can achieve.


Camille Evans Paterson

Mike has helped me finish my website, write emails, and finish building out Infusionsoft and Customer Hub so I can launch my company.

He came in the middle of my project and took the time to understand my business. He has been an amazing support.

He's great at brainstorming ideas for marketing. He is an extremely quick study and has been brilliant at problem solving when I get stuck.

I highly recommend Mike to anyone who is looking for web development, email marketing, seo, help building your business on Infusionsoft/Customer Hub and a great teammate.

Camille Evans Paterson
Founder, Romance Coach on the Go

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Michael Obremski
  • Biography

    I'm a front-end web developer specializing in Wordpress, the Genesis Framework and Woocommerce. My website is www.genesis-unlimited.com

  • Company

    Genesis Unlimited

  • Location

    Bend, United States

  • Last active

    Sep 2020

  • Member since

    Oct 2014

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