My perfect client is …

My perfect client knows what they want, their timescale and budget. This client is open to suggestion and responds to calls, and gives great feedback as the project progresses. A perfect client understands what's included in the task and what comes under 'next steps' and 'help with IT in general' (it's nice to be appreciated!)

You should hire me because …

I've been years in businesses large and small and know what matters. I understand the needs of budget, schedules, image, Google (a beautiful, unseen website is pointless). I understand you're busy too. I have developed systems for businesses, arts, shops, manufacturing, photography. I keep in touch and responsive. And I'm nice!

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Malcolm Mellon
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    I've created IT systems around the world for years, and I've also done art and photography for myself. Now I combine my skills in making practical and useful websites!

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    LONDON, United Kingdom

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    Oct 2018

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    Sep 2014

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