• Mobile App Development

    Mobile App Development

    Create a custom mobile app for ios, android using PhoneGap and Ionic.

    • Estimated Hours

      30 - 100

    • Price Range

      $1,200 - $4,000

  • Web Application Development

    Web App Development

    Create an Application that is to be used on the web, an example would be twitter

    • Estimated Hours

      80 - 150

    • Price Range

      $3,200 - $6,000

  • RESTful API Development

    API Development

    Creating code to speak with your database in a restful way usually json data.

    • Estimated Hours

      50 - 200

    • Price Range

      $2,000 - $8,000


My perfect client is …

My perfect client is a client that knows what they are looking for and has a clear project description with a realistic timeframe deadlines, Businesses who want that rock-star quality in their project. Transparent communication is a must.

You should hire me because …

You should hire me because i provide rock-star quality services and projects, meet deadlines and have strong work ethics. I take lead and just plain out get things done, very clear communication and take strong pride in my work.

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Amy Bridges
  • Biography

    In over the past 8 years i have helped business with web development in wide variety of industries from Travel, Real Estate, Entertainment and many other industries.

  • Company

    Invoate, LLC

  • Location

    Atlanta, United States

  • Last active

    Sep 2018

  • Member since

    Mar 2016

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