Two page infographic for AOPA Pilot Magazine's Turbine section. Illustration depicts starting sequence for a very light jet (VLJ) turbine engine, along with engine sections and instrument indications during sequence.


News & Media

Process: After reviewing the article and conducting initial research, a rough comp was generated using found images for positioning and development of the correct sequence.

Process: Complete information for engines and airframes is often to difficult to acquire from a single source. After researching the particular engine (a Pratt & Whitney PW-615F), I developed a template used for building a 3D model of the engine.

Process: 3D engine model in process in Modo.

Process: A grey scale render was produced to check scale and detail. The anchor image of the engine in cutaway was rendered, then the grey scale section was used for illustrations depicting engine state during startup stages.

Process: Rendered high resolution engine cutaway.

Process: Combustion stage.

Process: N1 rotation stage.

Process: ITT lightup stage.

Process: Layout in process in Photoshop.

Charles Floyd

Charles Floyd



After reviewing the article, I researched material related to VLJ engines. Using AOPA's standard grid, I developed a layout concept, received approval, then built a 3D model of the engine. The model was used for anchor art and cross sections.


  • Art Direction
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • 3D Modeling & CAD
  • Infographic
  • Illustration


1 - 2 weeks



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