Terra Nova Creative is my business website, showcasing dozens of projects I've worked on over the years, information about the work I do, and testimonials from my many satisfied clients.

Behind the scenes, I've built over a dozen unique templates which I'll be using to unveil new products and offerings in the future. I'm quite skilled at using Thesis to develop unique templates to house different types of content, making it just a few clicks for a client to switch from a landing page to a shopping cart or membership system - or something totally different!



Business Services

My Services page describes the types of websites I build, with more information available on individual pages.

Tablet/mobile version of the About page. I strive to make all of my sites look fantastic on any device or browser.

Within the Services section, I've recently built a new Examples page, which categorizes my portfolio into types of websites I've made, such as Coach websites, Author websites, and many more.

Prototype of a custom website builder that's currently in development. This custom form starts a conversation with the potential client, leading them towards options ideal for their needs and budget. Soon this form will replace the old one on my website.


This website has been an ongoing project since I started my business, and I've designed (and re-designed!) every corner of it, from the logo to the custom graphics, to the CSS animations and content layouts.


  • Web Development
  • WordPress
  • WordPress Theme
  • Web Design
  • Photoshop
  • Thesis Theme
  • Responsive Design





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