This project was a redesign of the original website for St. Timothy's Episcopal Church in Houston, TX. Their original website was very outdated, and needed a fresh new look. With the cooperation of the current rector Father Fred, and church members I was able to gather the information needed to build a website that was current and user friendly, helping the church to grow it's congregation. I also cater as a photographer for church events in order to help keep their portfolio up to date and highlight key yearly events held by the church and it's members. Update: Sadly the St. Timothy's Episcopal Church congregation was unable to continue to keep the church open due to lack of funds and no help from the diocese to help them continue their ministry. On Sunday, March 3rd, 2019, the congregation of St. Timothy's, old and new, celebrated the last church service. The St. Timothy's congregation represented 60 years of worship with the coming together of two congregations in 1982. All Saints, Galena Park and St. Simons and St. Jude who already worshiped at this location. The amalgamation became St. Timothy's Episcopal Church. Begun in a small wooden building, they ended with a beautiful church and spacious parish hall. While friendships made and memories will continue, I will still miss the congregation, and cherish the memories.

St. Timothy's home page

Mission of St. Timothy's Episcopal Church

St. Timothy's Photo Gallery

St. Timothy's visitors page, with information for those who want to join them for a Sunday service.

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