Sport-Starter is owned by Ole Kannapinn. Ole is an online instructor in Sports and fitness niche. His aim is to help people in achieving desired shape and weight via online coaching.

To take his business to the next level, he needed a website that converts!

Here's what I heard back from him,

"I cannot describe how busy I was over the last week as my business was "exploding". That's pretty cool but I had not enough time for a few things like answering to some mails. I'm 100% happy with your work. My blog has an incredible high optin rate as I have never seen before. That's awesome!

What's most important to me is that the website is converting, so that it gets visitors into prospects and customers. The website I got from you is getting me exactly that. Totally recommendable if you would like to make more profit with your website."

— Ole Kannapinn (Sport-Starter.De)

The website is generating 10-15 leads for the client per months. Ain't that awesome!



Health & Wellness

Hero Shot (optimized for appropriate call to action)

Video Optin and integration with LeadPages (to capture the leads).

Sport-Starter Blog (with optins at top and bottom, e-books in the sidebar and a glimpse of video channel)

Shivanand Sharma

Shivanand Sharma



My sole responsibility for Sport-Starter.De was to build a website that generates traffic, leads & revenue for my client. In short, I had to deliver a website that converts!

This includes design, implementation of design into WordPress, integration with LeadPages, adding opt-in & video optins across the site and translation to German language.


Conversion-oriented Design & Development


  • Genesis Framework
  • Full Stack
  • Landing Page
  • Responsive Design
  • WordPress


1 - 2 weeks



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