Sleep Master Solutions was a client that found me needing a one-page navigation / Sales page for his products because he was about to go to a trade show. This product is very niche, but also very successful. The client needed a web page that would reflect the professionalism of his product and give viewers the correct impression.


Medical & Pharmacy

Custom background example for sections

Call to action footer example - clean & simple.

Corey Goolsby

Corey Goolsby



I took on this project last minute and jumped right in. We had tight deadlines for his trade show, but we made it happen. I sorted through endless pdf's, brochures, power points, and documents to collect the most important information for the product. Then I took all of that information and made it stunning within an engaging smooth-scrolling website.


  • One-Page Website
  • Web Security
  • Responsive Design
  • Web Development
  • Web Design
  • WordPress


2 - 4 weeks



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