This book release landing page was part of a 3 website project. There is 1 main website, and 2 landing pages for book releases. I designed all 3 websites, and this was just one of the landing pages. This page was specifically designed for simple conversions from social media ads. The book sales to follow were spectacular.


Authors & Publishing

Traditional sites have logos, but because this was a book release we decided to keep it connected to social media and use a hashtag in place of the logo. Brilliant!

This is the custom eBook iPad design I created.

Corey Goolsby

Corey Goolsby



I was given full creative control over this landing page, and was able to create a clean smooth-scrolling webpage. I used some custom elements like the free eBook iPad design and the hashtag in the logo area. This was a fun and rewarding project.


  • One-Page Website
  • Web Security
  • Responsive Design
  • Web Development
  • Web Design
  • WordPress
  • User Experience


2 - 4 weeks



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