Robin Sol Lieberman is the author of The Charisma Code, as well as a speaker ​and a social entrepreneur. We worked with Robin and her designer Lieve to develop and launch the latest iteration of her website, which positions her as a global leader in charisma and communication.

Here's what Robin said about our work together:

"You are definitely reaching hero status for me, Rory. You are the most dependable and talented web designer!"




This page highlights Robin's upcoming book The Charisma Code, sharing details about the book and promoting her upcoming presentation of the book upon its release at the U.N. this February. Several of the pages on the website include a slideshow, and all of the pages are gracefully responsive to tablets and mobile phones.

Robin's blog presents insights from her extensive expertise in charisma and communication, and invites visitors to sign up to receive more wisdom from her blog right in their inbox.

This page houses Robin's "What's Your Charisma Type?" quiz, an 11-question personality quiz that got hundreds of entries within the first month of its launch. I created the graphics for the "personality types" and have worked extensively on the Quiz itself to customize it, and ensure it is mobile-ready and that its results share well on social media.


My role was to take the completed design and develop it into a responsive and fully-functional website on Wordpress. Robin has high standards and she knows exactly what she wants, so we worked closely to ensure the finished product met her standards and achieved her goals. The result is a sharp and professional website that's ready for any device or visitor.


Deluxe Authority Wordpress Website


  • Responsive Design
  • Web Development
  • WordPress
  • WordPress Theme
  • Thesis Theme


1 - 2 weeks



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