Project Role: Lead UI Designer, Researcher Peg is a mobile app that attempts to bring families back together for meal times. With work weeks increasing past 40 hours and children accessing technology at younger ages; collective meal times look like they are becoming a thing of the past. My research shows that over half of mothers text their children to come to dinner rather than call them. Peg attempts to make meal time something to look forward to using incentives and habit forming principles. Each component of the app encourages continued use. An example of this is the reward system within the app. Points are collected when you cook with another member and rewards can be redeemed from sponsoring companies.



Peg home screen

Food-based social community


Unique Value Proposition - Find recipes using whatever is in your fridge


Project Role: Lead UI Designer, Researcher


  • Sketch
  • Brand Identity
  • User Interface
  • iPhone App
  • User Experience


1 - 3 months

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