Nock is a promising start-up oriented to university students. They have a good in-depth knowledge of the their business and have a good team to develop the backend of their applications, but the looked for the specific skills to develop catchy user interfaces where the UX was a hard requirement.



Digital Products & Services

Client Testimonial

Pedro L

After several tries with other designers, I was very disappointed about the possibilities of having a good job. My impression was that the designers I was testing didn't care about what my business was about and were just trying to make a good impression using good pictures and colors without any real understanding of the background purpose.

What I liked from BeHappy is that they took their time to get familiar with the problems I was trying to solve, to get involved in my view of the business. The rest of the process was easy cake: in just two iterations they got exactly what I was looking for. I only can recommend them for job where you need experts with a professional attitude.





From the idea to the final result. Brand creation, web design, front-end development, HTML markup.


  • User Experience
  • Brand Identity
  • Web Design
  • Logo Design

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