KITE is a print-on-demand company who helps businesses develop printing businesses. Essentially, they needed a website which clearly showcased how simple their service really is to use. As the competition is heavy for this type of business, we had to put a lot of thoughts into the design and the development for the site. As there is a lot of factors the clients look at before picking their provider, we needed to ensure everything was very easy and simple to understand, so that we could focus people on the positives on KITE.



Professional Services

Chris Timothy

Chris Timothy



When building this, we had content in mind for many reasons. One thing is that this business is very volatile. Things (i.e. pricing etc.) changes a lot, so we had to ensure that we build a system for KITE to easily update their content. With a CMS system from WordPress, we made sure that they can easily update every aspect of their website within seconds.


  • WooCommerce
  • WordPress


1 - 2 weeks



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