H.O.P.E. or Healing of Persons Exceptional in full, is a non-profit based in Maine. For over 20 years, they've offered support groups in several parts of the state to help those who are adjusting to difficult health conditions. They came to me looking to give their website a refresh, in order to better spread the word about their offerings, and appeal to new attendees.

The ring leader behind H.O.P.E. is an octogenarian, and in many ways he considers this organization to be his life's work. So we worked closely together to build a website that he could be proud of. The lighthouse, long a symbol of the organization, became a central part of the website's layout, even ending up with an animated light beam. And we re-organized the content to make it much more readable, and easier to find important information. I trained Ken on how to update the site, and since then he's been having a ball writing new blog articles.

Here's what Ken said about our work together:

"We worked together, and we took the text from the old websites, streamlined it, and you put it in a very attractive package that other people (and me, biased as I am!) find attractive and appealing. So we're moving on, with your help and your consideration. So here we go my friend, with your help and my gratitude and gratitude from everybody at H.O.P.E. Thank you!"




An example of an interior page on the H.O.P.E. website. We revised much of the content to make it more easily accessible, search-engine friendly, and fun!

An example of an blog page on the H.O.P.E. website. Ken has had a ball updating the blog on Wordpress since I trained him on the new website!


I designed and developed this site from start to finish, using one of the client's beloved photos of Maine as the backdrop. In order to make it work as a layout, I had to deconstruct the photo and combine it with a few others, and assemble the finished pieces in CSS to contribute to the overall layout and animation.


  • Web Development
  • WordPress
  • WordPress Theme
  • WordPress Maintenance
  • Web Design
  • Photoshop
  • Thesis Theme
  • Blog Design
  • Responsive Design


1 - 3 months



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