The scope of the web application was to develop a user based (C2C) web application i.e. a user based online marketplace website. Basically “AIRSHARE” is a peer-to-peer product lending website. Being a Market place website this website include the gathering of people for the purpose of borrowing and lending of items/goods at agreed upon prices. The users are able to make safe payment transactions online.
Basically, website has 2 kind of users - borrower and owner. Borrower can: 1. Search or Browse, then Book Item; 2. Pick up the item from the Owner; 3. Return it; 4. Review. AirShare works on feedback and reviews, so other people can see how great user experience was. Owner can: 1. Upload items; 2. Accept requests from AirSharers that want to use user items; 3. Get paid (Braintree integration) 4. Review. Owner collect reviews from successful AirShare's, and get to review people that borrow from it.


For Turning Ideas

For Turning Ideas



full circle development


  • MySQL
  • jQuery
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • HTML



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