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    Do you need a whole project made it from scratch?

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      35 - 40

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      $1,000 - $2,000


My perfect client is …

My ideal client is one that understands that selling and converting is more important than a pretty picture. He knows, of course, that beauty is important, so are numbers. He demands excellence and trusts in me the same way I trust in him.

You should hire me because …

Do you want a rock-star looking website? I can help you make your visitors stay way more time by creating an eye-popping site that will finally make them take action! Always responsive design. You don't have to believe my word. I'm a huge fan of show results first! 100% MONEY-BACK guarantee.

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Luis Zarza
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    I'm a web designer and WordPress expert, skilled in HTML and CSS. Detail freak. Do you like elegant and minimal design?

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    Madrid, Spain

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    Apr 2019

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    Apr 2015

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