Case Studies in eBook format are much lauded as the new generation of client testimonials/free marketing. This client had significantly upgraded their offering and had their initial rollout with a highly reputable hospital system. They wanted to highlight the work they had accomplished thus far with their client in an attempt to capture other potential client interest. The goal for this case study was to deliver a results-based marketing collateral piece. The client still uses this piece as the cornerstone of their marketing and sales efforts. It is located in multiple locations of their website, used in email drip campaigns and is printed on quality gloss paper when visiting with potential clients in person. The eBook is behind a protected landing page, please request a copy; I would be happy to email it. The images below are additional design assets I designed for use as marketing and promotion of the eBook.



In addition to designing the eBook in its entirety (please request a copy), I designed a few promotional graphics to use. This image was used as a call-to-action pop-out on the client's homepage and as a blog header.

This promotional graphic was used as a social media ad and as a call-to-action button on various blog posts and web pages on the client's website.

This promotional graphic was used as a call-to-action button on a feature-specific webpage on the client's website.

Sara Kirpes

Sara Kirpes



With an intimate knowledge of their business and offering, I co-wrote the text with the client. I facilitated the multiple-stage editing process with a handful of key players from the company - the CEO, VP, Sales & Marketing VP, among others. The goal of the design of the eBook was a modern, professional, streamlined, yet bright aesthetic.


  • Graphic
  • eBook Design


3 - 7 days



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