This is a personal project and is currently work in progress.

Why & How it started?

As it's most commonly the case, I started working on this to scratch my own itch. Of course, there are too many applications out there, but none of them is exactly what I want. Not to mention that I don't want to rely on dozens of different apps trying to make them collaborate with one another. I wanted something more... consolidated.

Also, another reason I started it (let's face it: create a couple of zaps on Zapier would have been so much easier!) is the fact that people don't seem to completely understand the potentials of WordPress. It's not just a blogging platform! In fact it's been years since it was just that. Nowadays, WP can be used for almost anything! And not to mention that people (even developers) don't seem to realize how much you can "tweak" WP, customize it & make it do what you want! So, I decided to put my money where my mouth is. ;) – Plus, it'll be so much easier to integrate it with my other sites which are already in WP! :)

As an example to my former claim, that people don't realize the potentials of the platform and what level of control you have: A custom error page!! --You know, these hideous white pages saying things like "server error" or "could not connect to the database" or "forbidden"?? (yep, this one is for a specific forbidden url)

A CRM cannot exist without Contacts, can it? (back-end view -- design is in early stages; still reminds of WP, don't know if it'll remain that way)

Yes, and companies... (back-end view again)

Adding / Editing a contact (back-end of course; the first few pieces of info --above the fold)

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