Southtowns Animal Hospital is a veterinary care facility which provides basic wellness care, emergency care, and many other veteranry services to the southern part of Western New York. They are very passionate about caring for the animals they treat, and emphasize a fear-free, compassionate methodology, along with personal one on one attention for pets and their owners. Lossless Creative Studio was contracted to design and develop a new WordPress website which would allow them to communicate this message of compassion and care clearly, while significantly upgrading the way content was managed by staff. Organizations that deal with animals almost always have one asset that practically makes a website design come together by itself. Cute animal pictures. Who doesn’t love those? The Southtowns Animal Hospital mainly works with cats and dogs. To clearly demonstrate this, attract the right audience visually, and take advantage of the way images of friendly pets pull on people’s heart strings, the decision was made to focus the hero area of the homepage around 3 separate images of pets. One of the 3 pet images with a corresponding hero statement loads randomly when the site is refreshed. These statements are light-hearted and use pet-related puns, but get right to the heart of what Southtowns Animal hospital wanted to communicate to its visitors. (For example, “Our caring staff will make sure your visit is purr-fect!”) In addition to much needed pictures of cute pets, the new website provides a clear place for the owners of new patients to find information about the first visit. Previously, the site had focused heavily on trying to be a hub of detailed medical information, but did not clearly present needed instructions for those looking to use the organization's services for the first time. In terms of look and feel, the consistent theme of the new site was one of friendliness and trust. The bold blue used in their logo and the rest of the site conveys a sense of grounded optimism. The bright orange and yellow were used to offset this with a little bit of whimsical energy. Typography was chosen that has a little bit of subtle personality. This has the effect of presenting the animal hospital as professional yet light-hearted, which reflects their staff mindset. They are great at what they do, and genuinely enjoy being with the animals! https://southtownsanimalhospital.com/



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