Sourceful is a new website which aims to change the way people search for and watch TV programmes and films. Sourceful allows you to search multiple providers, such as Netflix, all at once. Searching multiple sources in one place makes the experience of finding what to watch next easier. There is a feature allowing you to sync all the TV programmes and films you watch into one place called your watchlist.



Design Elements in the UI Kit created for the website.

Responsive design of the homepage shown across multiple devices.

Homepage of the Sourceful website showing the bold and flexible grid. This grid is on several pages and can include photographs, quotes, content sections and top 5 lists etc.

Move Details Page - Showing the flexibility of the grid with info sections (e.g. awards), quotes, top lists, reviews, videos, and bold photographs.

A unique feature to the website. When you are watching a TV program or Film on the website, you are able to select friends/family you are watching with. This marks the episode as watched on their Sourceful account too so it is kept updated automatically.

Photograph of a film details page being viewed on a MacBook Pro.

Sonny Allward

Sonny Allward



My role in this project was to carry out the UI design and carry out user testing. I started the project with quick sketches and wireframes, tweaking until perfect. User testing was carried out at this stage based on personas identified in the research stage. After creating a few concepts for the design style, the visual design was applied across 10+ pages.


  • Sketch
  • User Interface
  • Illustrator
  • Responsive Design
  • Web Design
  • User Experience
  • Typography


2 - 4 weeks



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