A long-time client entrusted me to write and design an instructional eBook/manual for clients, potential clients and as a marketing collateral piece. The client is in the health-tech industry with large hospital systems as clients. This piece was a technical research-based informational manual on decreasing infections in patients using catheters. The eBook is behind a protected landing page, please request a copy; I would be happy to email it.



A page from the eBook. A few design decisions I'd like to highlight: since this was a step-by-step manual, I wanted each step easily delineated on its own page. The main text is in a two-column format, making it easy to digest. A modest image and caption at the bottom to bring interest and hit home the main point of the page, but not in a distracting manner.

This is the 'back cover' of the eBook. This is where company info, contact info, and a CTA should be found. What do you want the reader to do after reading this eBook? At the top, a recap of what the eBook was about, a short blurb about the company, a CTA in the form of a question, with contact info below. And the company's logo for one last reminder.

Sara Kirpes

Sara Kirpes



I researched the topic, used notes from the client, and wrote the rough draft of the paper, which was then expertly edited by the client. I took the final form and built the paper into an eBook format. My goal for the design was to be appropriate for a healthcare setting, modern, sleek, easily readable with a double-column format, and plenty of white space.


  • Graphic
  • eBook Design


3 - 7 days



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