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Custom Website Designing for PSD To Manythings. The project includes designing UI for each page and developing HTML using Bootstrap Framework & finally integrate into WordPress CMS. A total of 18 pages were designed. This is the second part of the project. You can check out second part at


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Psd to manythings homepage

Home Page View. Check it out at

Psd to manythings homepage web screen

PSD To Manythings Home Page - Check it out at

Pop up menu

Pop In Menu On Click

Psd to html5

PSD TO HTML5 Service Page. Check it out at

Psd to bootstrap

PSD To Twitter Bootstrap . Check it out at

Psd to wordpress

PSD TO WordPress Page. Check it out at

Psd to woocommerce

PSD To WooCommerce. Check it out at

Sketch to html

Sketch To HTML. Check it out at


Work Page. Check it out at


Contact Details Page. Check it out at

Pratik Ghela

Pratik Ghela



1. Design unique UI for each page 2. Develop Frontend HTML using Bootstrap Framework 3. Integrate HTML into Custom WordPress Theme 4. Develop Ordering System 5. Develop Reward Points System


  • Brand Identity
  • Web Design
  • WordPress
  • Responsive Design
  • WordPress Theme
  • Bootstrap
  • Front-End
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • CMS


3 - 6 months



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