Ellen Lustig is a renowned Chicago artist specializing in numerous mediums, such as mural painting, caricature art, and doll-making. Her new business, which sells custom peel-and-stick murals, deserved a site that communicated the quality of her work. She's thrilled with the end result!



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Ellen Lustig

I decided to redo my mural website which was dated and unusable. I tried following a tutorial and making the website myself which was a 5 day hair pulling process. Ultimately, it wouldn’t publish. After hearing very good things about Asa and seeing amassing websites that he designed, I enlisted his help. After reviewing my site, he suggested to let him redo it. After seeing his samples of absolutely amazing websites he designed, I hired him. He was easy to work with, came up with a wonderful concept immediately, and was totally professional throughout the process. My website is up and running within days of contacting him. I’m thrilled with the results.

Asa Goldstein

Asa Goldstein



I designed and developed the site from scratch using Webflow. Check that nifty photo drift on the front page!


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3 - 7 days

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