“FAB is the first bank to put artists first. Created by artists for artists, we believe in the power of art to change the world. We are dedicated to helping artists make the most of their talents to create wealth and opportunity for themselves and provide them with the very best financial and creative services.” - www.fab.us One of my greatest accomplishments was wining the 1st prize of the FAB global creative branding design contest out of more than 600 participants from the whole world. As part of the prize I worked with First Artist Bank & Dave Stewart Entertainment team in a project in Los Angeles California and managed creating, designing and developing the FAB brand through a challenging new idea that we successfully brought to life. tIn a few months FAB achieved to raise 4.000.000$ on Crowdfounding and social media fans grew to more than 2000 and are still growing.



Financial Services

The Vision / The brand identity needed to have a clear and distinctive position against the rest of the banking industry, with the purpose to become the trusted business partner of the global creative economy.

The Logo / One of the requirements was to create the logo using as main words “First Artist” (“FA”) and let the brand flexible enough to offer the possibility to choose a third letter in the future. Additionally, the core pillars of the brand were: creativity, integrity and simplicity.

The Solution / Starting with the idea of using “the hat” as a brand identity, this led me to design a logo with an artistic customized typeface. The overall logo reflects the shape of the hat, the integrity between artists and bankers and is flexible enough to add other letter after “FA” as well.

Material and Business Cards / The material color used for the details is metallic Cooper. Cooper gives an outstanding, classy and high end look. The color is being used discreet, highlighting the logo and the details of the hat. Additionally business cards uses a strong material that gives the chance to highlight the edges with Cooper material as well.

Mariana Aspru

Mariana Aspru



Project services / Branding Design, Branding Identity, Design Strategy, Design Consulting including creation of Logo, Business Cards Design, Color Palette, Font, Typography, Stationery Design, Poster,  Mock-ups


  • Brand Identity
  • Graphic
  • Illustration
  • Logo Design


2 - 4 weeks

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