The existing shared space listing area was lacking in flexibility, organization and user experience (both front end and back end). We developed from the ground up a new listing section so users can sign up, post and manage their shared spaces. Features Include:

  • Automated user signup with email verification
  • Ability to post multiple locations differently types of shared spaces
  • Photo gallery for all types of spaces (multiple images)
  • Google map of the location is automatically displayed
  • Advanced search featured
  • Integrated contact form allows people to contact the space administrator



The location detail page showcases a gallery, contact info, amenities, cotenants, hours, and description. The sidebar has a Google map and search function.

The spaces within a location are listed under the 'parent' location and showcased similarly. Each type of space had different types of data displayed: rent/lease terms, capacity, amenities, etc.. Easy navigation allows the user to bounce over to different spaces within the same building/location.

The beauty of this is that the contact form not only gets sent to the administrator of that space (the person that posted it), but a 'blind carbon' also gets sent to the director of the Denver Shared Space organization as well as funneled into a CRM. This way, users get a quality experience... Denver Shared Space can follow up with inquires .

A quick view of what it looks like to add your own listing. Oh ya, of course it looks and works great on a mobile device.


Boomerang Marketing was responsible for all graphics and development for this project. Now Boomerang is the exclusive provider of email marketing, website maintenance and additions.


  • Web Design
  • WordPress


1 - 3 months

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