Clear Goals, a responsive web application for tracking goals built upon the idea that people should track the things they want to accomplish, not only the day to day tasks they need to complete. Clear Goals helps encourage the formation of good habits with automatically recurring daily, weekly, and monthly goals. It is also one of the first todo apps to provide analytics to help you track your progress and learn about the areas that you need to improve upon.



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Bryan McAnulty

Bryan McAnulty



Although design and front-end development is my strength, I occasionally build out features in Ruby as well. The entire UI was designed and developed by me, and I have one additional Rails developer that helps with some of the more in depth feature implementation. The app is built with Ruby on Rails and backbone.js, Sass and coffeescript. The entire experience is AJAX, and with a few tricks like responsive javascript and a cache manifest I was able to create a very lightweight and incredibly native feeling mobile experience that works on iOS and Android and looks great on retina displays. On its initial load the entire app weighs about 300kb including its charting library for the combined desktop, tablet and mobile codebase with all assets loaded from a CDN. Subsequent loads are very fast because static assets are stored locally using an HTML5 cache manifest.


  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • Responsive Design
  • Web Development
  • JavaScript
  • Front-End
  • Web App
  • Ruby
  • Web Design
  • Ruby on Rails


1 - 3 months



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