This project was made alongside ACL Creative Studio. I was hired as an SVG animator to develop animations that would be interactive for users who visited website, specifically children. The project was managed by Aaron Leaman of ACL Creative Studio, the site was designed by the Author Catherine, and Initial illustrations were crated by Ana Beatriz Marques. It was a very difficult job, because it has dozens of animations, some which are triggered by hovering or clicking. Since "Illustrate The Web" provides animation services, as well as web design services, it makes sense to provide my specific SVG animation skill set to this unique project. I am very proud of the work we have done on this project, and after a long journey, it shows that perseverance pays off in the end.




Antonia SVG animation

Paula SVG animation

Client Testimonial

Aaron Leaman

We were trying to create a simple and sleek workflow, that would allow an SVG Animator, to bring our illustrations to life on the web. After viewing Humberto's Portfolio for another project, we felt like this one was a much better fit with his skills. He then took our AI Illustrations and converted them into SVG, and used CSS and SMIL technology to create an interactive site, that children could play and interactive with.

The process at times was not an easy one but thanks to Humberto's understanding of SVG technology, we managed to create a satisfying and beautiful outcome, that pleased all parties.

The site has been submitted to Awwwards where it has passed the first stage of voting with a 7.5+ score: It has now received an honourable mention and is now in contention for "Site of the Day".

Thanks for your help Humberto.


SVG animatior, SVG constructor, Front-End developer


SVG animation


  • Animation
  • Front-End


1 - 3 months



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