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Evan Maxon

Jon was instrumental in developing a holistic for LifeStarter - expanding from our logo to create a brand look and feel that's pervasive throughout the service (public website, company blog, and application UI/UX).

He's great to have on the team several reasons. One is he's very talented at creating from scratch the design and code for our UI/UX. Another reason is he's willing to dive into areas that you don't typically find a front-end developer willing to dabble in. For us, that's Ruby on Rails.

Again, Jon is a great team member that's passionate about putting out portfolio-quality work, and is willing to contribute in areas outside of the typical job description.

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Jon Stutzman
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    Hello, I'm Jon! I'm a UI Developer based in the Midwest. I specialize in User Interface/Experience design - with nearly a decade of web application development experience.

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    Denver, United States

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