• 1x1

    Character Illustration

    Vector Illustration

    Custom character for your logo or mascot

    • Estimated Hours

      8 - 20

    • Price Range

      $200 - $2,000


My perfect client is …

Perfect client is one who takes in constructive feedback and communicates well with the designer.

You should hire me because …

All of my work is unique in that I do not create cookie cutter work. My process starts with research and educate myself on the client's work. I then start sketches and provide rough ideas to the client to ensure the correct direction is presented. The final delivery is clean with all necessary files. Lastly, I ensure that any communication is not missed.

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Eduardo Martinez
  • Biography

    Hello. I am an illustrative designer. I offer unique designs with illustrations to make your vision come to life. I have a degree in graphic design. Lets work together!

  • Company

    Eddie & Friends

  • Location

    Houston, United States

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    About 21 hours

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    Sep 2017

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