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    Web Design

    Custom design and development of a wordpress website for your business.

    • Estimated Hours

      20 - 30

    • Price Range

      $800 - $2,500


My perfect client is …

Knows what he wants and is ready to move forward with his project in a timely manner. Flexible in terms of allowing me to do what i do best and be creative!

You should hire me because …

Received voluntary WordPress certification Worked a the lead WordPress Developer for 5 years Participated in both back-end and front-end development Designed attractive user interfaces that received overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients Ensured consistent functionality and performance at all times Used a variety of debugging tools

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Marc Liu
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    My professional experience includes designing and implementing web pages, user interfaces and plugins for WordPress, helping clients to troubleshoot and fix their WordPress product

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    Ottawa, Canada

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    Oct 2020

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    May 2019

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